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As written by Joonoor Myk Ell Ordur

Seeker Thadeus ask me to write the story of the Con Fed Akord.

Letz see, where to start. I tell it like Grandeddie telled it to me.

We waz Conz. Scum of the worstest kind. We waz locked away from the goodies. The Fedz watchin over us. Keepin us in The Pen.

Then it all felled apart.

The war machinz, paserz and the scum on the outside start hitin The Pen. The Fedz waz loozin, big time. Then everyone start gittin sick. The Blue Death killin all, Con or Fed, no matter.

Kuchera did come when the time waz bad.

Kuchera told the Fedz and Conz to fire The Pen and move on in one family. It waz the only way to git from the Blue Death. The Pen waz fired, to the ground, all ashes. The Five Con families did join with the Fedz and the First Akord waz done.

The First Akord found the others that git from the Blue Death. We made a pen, Vania, and took to watchin over them. They farmed, we kept watchin. Fightin against war machinz, paserz and scum, watchin the ones that farmed. We moved out and found others. Other pens were made, Vana, Axton, Derica, Daxe and Brunz. The Fedz stayed, the old Con families moved apart, the Akord went apart.

Then came the South Run Horde. A horde of Orsemen and scum. The South Run Horde took Vana, then Axton, then Derica, then Daxe, then Brunz, then Vania. All was lost. The South Run Horde had all. But yet some of the Akord did git from the horde. Towards the Vills they did git. The Akord did tell the Vills the coming of the South Run Horde. A battle waz fightin at Hines Vill bridge. The South Run Horde went apart. The Akord did fightin them as they ran. First was takin back Vania, then Daxe, then Derica, then Axton, then Vana, then Brunz.

A new joining was then done, The Con Fed Akord. The Six, Fewree, Ordur, Turkz, Razza, Nyturz, Fedrall, were one, no more to be apart, no more to fall to the scum.

The Vills did want to join with us in the Con Fed Akord. The Six did tell them no joining.

Over the years the Six did fightin with the Orsemen clans. Many were killin, but we were still joined.

Then did Vana fall to the Drake Run Clan, Orsemen scum. The Six were not broken for the family of Vana did git before Vana did fall. Fightin for Vana did the Six make, but Vana was not takin back.

A joining of the Vills and the Gair Sun Forz, The Union did wish to join with the Con Fed Akord. The Six did tell them to help takin back Vana and The Union did join with The Con Fed Akord.

The Union Guard did start watchin Axton, Derica, Daxe, Brunz and Vania. Watchin the farmers and the families, watchin for more Orsemen scum. When the watchin was set, then was the fightin time.

The Con Fed Militia did lead the Union Guard to Vana. The Drake Run Clan leader waz scared of the fightin men of the Six. He did sneak to the Union Guard and did tell their Kaptan his Clan was done. The Kaptan did not give the Clan to the Con Fed Militia for killin. The Kaptan did tell his word to the Drake Run Clan leader for watchin. Vana waz takin back to the Con Fed Akord and the Drake Run Clan git to the Gair Sun Forz for watchin.

The Union Guard did start watchin Vana. Watchin the farmers and the families, watchin for more Orsemen scum.

The story of the Con Fed Akord as telled to me by my Grandeddie.

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