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As written by Kaptan Mairee Ruleen, Keeper of Records

As Kaptan of Records and a child of Komander Kullin Ruleen, it is my responsibility to pass on the information regarding the founding of the Gair Sun Forz Territories and our place in The Union.

The soljers of the Gair Sun Forz are the children of those who once protected the whole of the Jore Lands from the time before the Darkness. We are born of protectors to be protectors, and protectors we are. We serve as the protectors of our own territories as well as the territories of The Union.

But I am getting ahead of myself, so we shall go back to the beginning.

The first soljers looked out into the Darkness and saw a need, the need for protectors. There were war machines and Pasers, and brigands and bandits all around. Those who were left needed protectors. A council was called and the soljers gathered in the ruins of a battleground near where now stands Ocella. A Komander was chosen from amongst the Kurnels to lead the Gair Sun Forz in their mission of protecting those that had survived the Darkness.

Skouts were sent in all directions to find those in need. The skouts returned with death, the Blue Death. All appeared to be lost, the soljers would fall to a faceless enemy in a battle that could not be won. But one skout returned with hope, both a way to defeat the Blue Death and a mission.

Fire was the weapon that the soljers used to defeat the Blue Death.

Then the Komander met with the Kurnels to discuss the mission. Where once the Jore Lands were the realm of defense for the soljers, now a smaller mission would be taken as the Blue Death had taken more soljers than it had left. The journey to sunset began for the skout had found survivors in need of protectors along the Pasola River.

Our mission chosen, we helped those who needed protection. War machines and Pasers were destroyed. Brigands and bandits were killed or chased away. Our pay was food, shelter and gratitude. The things that all soljers want.

Such was the way of the soljers of the Gair Sun Forz for many years and many changes of komand. Battle without end. No place to settle. No place to raise a family. No home.

A grim existence more than a soljer should have to bear.

Komander Kullin Ruleen saw a need for change and the Settlement Pact was made with the people of Norlake. The Gair Sun Forz would have a place to settle, a place to raise a family, a home. In return, all we had to do was perform our mission and be their protectors.

The Academy was founded. A place to teach others how to protect themselves. Many came and many learned the lessons of battle. They were taught the difference between a soljer and a war-yer. Some returned home to protect their people. Others stayed and joined the Gair Sun Forz.

This was the way of things until the Day of Betrayal.

A squabble between a member of the Norlake ruling kounsil and a land holder almost cost us our home. The kounsilor wished the land of the land holder. When the land holder would not give it, the kounsilor pronounced the land holder outlaw and ordered the Gair Sun Forz to take it. The Komander of the Gair Sun Forz spoke with the Kurnels and it was agreed to not follow the orders of the kounsilor. The kounsilor was angry and said that the Gair Sun Forz had betrayed the Settlement Pact. A vote was called to revoke the Settlement Pact. The night before the vote, Komander Jeris Vyte spoke with the people of Norlake. He spoke of the way things had been for Norlake before the Settlement Pact then retired to his home. The vote did not revoke the Settlement Pact, instead the ruling kounsil was removed and rule of Norlake was turned over to the Gair Sun Forz. Komander Vyte with the support of the people renamed Norlake, Gair Sun Jore.

This was the start of the Gair Sun Forz Territories. Through the years, other settlements asked for the protection of the Gair Sun Forz. Each agreed to a Settlement Pact that gave rule of the settlement to the Gair Sun Forz in exchange for our protection.

The Gair Sun Forz Territories grew to include Gair Sun Meris, Gair Sun Ason, Gair Sun Kely, Gair Sun Ombus, Gair Sun Lange and Gair Sun Verge.

When Kuchera proposed The Union of the Peoples, Komander Jaymee Magill saw our original mission returned to us. The Gair Sun Forz would once again have defense of the realm for all of the Jore Lands.

We had found our place. To serve as not only protectors of our peoples and territories but also as protectors of the peoples and territories of The Union.

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