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As told by Shahee Elder Gilbin bol Gilbin

My sire's sire, Kain bol Gilbin, told this to me when I was but a child at my dom's side. It is the tale of when we came to this world, our new home.

First there was "The Crossing."

The elders of the highborn opened the gate and we, the Shahee, entered this world. We were fleeing as we had always fled from the bane that fate had given us, the Oonsohee. Our arrival here was not one of good fortune. This world was strange with many weird workings and wonders. The workings of the highborn and the lowborn were nothing in this new world. Day to day life was a struggle.

Then came "The Starfall."

Stars rained from the heavens. Wherever their fury did touch down there was death and destruction. Destruction of a kind that caused the elders to fear that the gate, our passage into this world, had been tainted by the Oonsohee and that we had crossed into the lands of the damned.

After the stars fell, all was black. It was the time of "The Darkness."

With no workings, we suffered. There was fighting with the Umans, attacks by strange beasts and weird wonders, hunger and starvation. To all it seemed as if this world plotted against us.

Then one by one we grew ill, it was the time of "The Sickness."

The very breathe of life was corrupted and all did suffer. We were dying. To this day, blue is death's color and only the mad will wear it. Then came Kuchera, an Uman, he spoke with the elders and our lands were set to fire.

It was the time of "The Burning"

Through fire the blue death was turned back. After the fires, we hid in the highlands and high vales. Then came the Serokee, so much like us, yet of this world. The Serokee helped us. With their help we hid where the Umans could not find us. We learned of the beasts and the beasts were no longer strange. The Serokee showed us how to find food and the hungry were fed. We gained a foothold in our new lands. Life was still a struggle but the seasons were turning. Then Kuchera returned. He met with the elders and showed them the ways of this world. Soon the workings of the highborn and the lowborn were attuned to the ways of this world. The elders said it was a portent of a new time and with the urgings of Kuchera sent forth emissaries to meet with the Umans. We joined in a union with the Vills, the Gair Sun Forz, the Con Feds, the Biguns, the Litluns and our kindred spirits, the Serokee.

It was the time of "The Awakening."

A time of new beginnings.

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