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From the files of Marrick Bodwin, Clerk of Records - Mill Vill

No one knows why the battles of the before time spared the bastions of technology that gave rise to what was to become The Alliance of the Vills, but survive they did.

But that survival came with a high cost. War Machines and Pasers attacked seeking to gain access to the facilities to repair themselves and build more of their kinds. Brigands and bandits came hoping to take the technological bounty of the facilities to forge their own petty empires from the chaos. Yes, the price was high but we paid it and endured.

Then came the Blue Death and in its wake Kuchera, the bringer of knowledge. He showed us how to beat the Blue Death.

We lost more than just lives to this plague, we lost knowledge for the only way to purge our lands of the plague was with fire. Many, many tomes of knowledge were contaminated by the plague's touch and had to be sacrificed to the flames, so that we could survive.

But all was not lost, for there were some that cherished knowledge and stood defiant against the plague. They took the books of knowledge and stored them in the Catacombs. They pledged not to let the knowledge die, and thus was born the Order of Akeemidzees. Many of the Warders perished as they worked to preserve the knowledge, but some survived. Others would visit the Catacombs seeking the knowledge of the Order. In turn the Seekers were sworn into the Order. The Chantry was built as a new repository of knowledge. The Seekers continued their visits to the Catacombs and copied the knowledge told to them by the Warders into new books. The new books were free of the taint of the plague and the knowledge survived.

Using the knowledge of the Chantry and the Order of Akeemidzees, the Forge and the Hive were returned to working service. Mill Vill began to flourish, but once again not without great cost. The war machines and Pasers as well as the bandits and brigands did return. Each seeking the riches of the Chantry, the Forge and the Hive. We peered into the Darkness, hoping to find a guiding light and out of the Darkness stepped Kuchera and the Reserves.

The Reserves were but eight, yet they fought as if they were a horde of hundreds. They also taught those who wished to protect the knowledge how to fight. The Hive turned out many lightning guns and glow shields to protect our new Reserves of the Order. Then came the Great Battle of the Vale. Many Pasers did attack, they were opposed by Kuchera and the Eight Reserves as well as the new Reserves. Many Pasers were destroyed but not without cost as many of the new Reserves perished as well. When the battle was done, Kuchera and the Eight pursued the Pasers that fled the field. It was the last we would see of the Eight Reserves. The battle had won us time to grow stronger for in its aftermath, the attacks of the war machines, Pasers, brigands and bandits did diminish. But when we were attacked, our new Reserves stood strong and the knowledge survived.

As we grew stronger, we reached out to those around us. We shared our knowledge and others grew stronger. They joined with us, Sun Vill, Evan Vill, Eves Vill, Anns Vill, Hurst Vill, Shane Vill, Ren Vill and Hines Vill, and the Alliance of the Vills was born.

The Alliance Council was made, separate from the Order of Akeemidzees, to govern the Vills. All who shared the knowledge could have a voice in the course of the Alliance.

The Order worked to share the knowledge with all of the peoples of the Alliance. The University was founded as a place of study and many came from all around the Alliance to learn from the Warders. In the winter, when crops would not grow, the Seekers did go forth to all Vills and burgs to share the knowledge, thus began the winter schools. Then came the founding of the College at Ren Vill, where Docs and Vets were taught to care for the peoples and creatures of the Alliance.

But we had still not paid the price in full for our knowledge.

There came another horde of Pasers and a ferocious battle was fought. The Reserves of the Order were decimated and the Hive was destroyed. A grave price to pay, but the Pasers were turned back and the knowledge survived.

A great many of the Reserves were dead. Those that survived were withdrawn to the Chantry to protect the knowledge. The Alliance was defenseless. Once again in our time of need, Kuchera came amongst us.

Kuchera spoke with the Alliance Council about a union. A union of the Alliance with the Gair Sun Forz and the other peoples in the area. A union upon which knowledge and order could be won from the Darkness. A meeting was held with the Komander of the Gair Sun Forz and the first step towards The Union of Peoples was taken.

At the recommendation of the Komander of the Gair Sun Forz, the Alliance Council did pass a decree that called for all citizens upon passage into adulthood to serve as part of the Alliance Guard for a period of two years. The Guard would help defend the Alliance and serve those Vills that needed extra manpower in times of crisis. The Troopers of the Gair Sun Forz helped train the Alliance Guard companies. The Alliance Guard officers were sent to the Gair Sun Forz Academy for specialized training.

The formation of the Alliance Guard came at an opportune time for a threat did appear from the east. The South Run Horde, a collection of Orsemen, brigands and bandits, had overrun the First Akord to the east and were advancing upon Hines Vill. The ten companies of the Alliance Guard along with three Gair Sun Forz companies and a ragtag group from the First Akord met the South Run Horde in the Battle of Hines Vill Bridge. The interlopers were routed and the people of the First Akord hunted down the survivors of the horde. The Alliance had prevailed and the knowledge had survived.

The story of the Alliance of the Vills now becomes one with the story of The Union.

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